Chocolate Cappuccino Cups

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$50.00 Per Box

Pieces Per Kit: 6

Per Piece: 4.9oz

Total Time: 20-25 Min.

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This mocha treat features creamy coffee mousse studded with dark chocolate morsels in a crisp chocolate cup. A whimsical chocolate spoon décor rests on a billowing cloud of whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate dusting powder.

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Contains Gluten Contains Dairy

Dessert Kit Includes

1 pouch Cappuccino Mousse Mix
1 pouch Mini Chocolate Chips
1 pouch Chocolate Dusting Powder
6 Chocolate Cups
9 Chocolate Spoons
1 Piping Bag
1 Star Piping Tip

Shopping List

3 cups heavy cream, divided
¾ cup water

Extra Tools

1 mixing bowl
1 stand mixer or hand mixer
1 measuring cup
1 flat rubber spatula
1 sifter
1 offset spatula or knife